The Seforim truck has completely revolutionized the way that Hafatza takes place in the modern age.

Both a store and a lending library filled with Sifrei Chasidus and Chasidishe multimedia, the Chasidus Mobile is inviting, fully stocked, and fills an important void in frum communities across the tri-state area.

The Chasidus mobile has visited hundreds of locations over the past few months and has sold thousands of Sifrei Chasidus. Crowds are flocking to learn the deepest parts of the Torah and to drink from the life-changing waters of the wellsprings, many for the very first time.

Partner with the Chasidus Mobile to bring the teachings of Chasidus to thousands by participating in the Seforim Auction, and win from a selection of hundreds of Sifrei Chasidus - right in time for Hey Teves!

| The Baderech - Chasidus Mobile is a project of Machon Or HaChasidus. |

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