The Sweepstakes

  • Binyomin Schwartz, Schottenstein Talmud Bavli (73 Volumes Set)
  • Leah Gurary, Win 70 Jewish Kid's Books of Your Choice
  • Matt Nover, Win 70 Seforim of Your Choice

U’Velechtecha BaDerech

  • Zalman Bryski, Chayenu Subscription
  • Chaya Hoffman, Shulchan Aruch - Travel Size
  • Moshe Kalmenson, Chayenu Subscription
  • Shimon kluger, Shulchan Aruch - Travel Size
  • israel SPITZER, Shulchan Aruch - Travel Size

Bayis Malei Seforim

  • Pinchos Sudak, Shulchan Aruch (Weiss Edition) 10 Volume Set
  • Chesky Goldschmidt, Talmud Bavli New Vilna Shas
  • gavriel schwei, Mikreot Gedolot Set
  • Yisroel Botnick, Igrot Kodesh - Rebbe Rayatz

A child's dream

  • toby carciente, Bais Hamikdash - A Touch and Feel Book - English
  • Rachel Blachman, Parsha of the Week for Children (5 Volume Set)
  • david tannenbaum, Tell Me The Story of the Parshah - Set
  • Chani Feldman, Stories of Tzaddikim P/B Complete Set (1-120) Machanayim
  • Gilad Vann, The Midrash Says
  • Chaia Liberow, Talks and Tales (17 Volume Set)
  • Yehudis Telsner , Talks and Tales (17 Volume Set)
  • Jaia Baumgarten, Talks and Tales (17 Volume Set)
  • Menachem Freund, Stories of Tzaddikim P/B Complete Set (1-120) Machanayim
  • schneur futerfas, Tales for the Shabbos Table - Vayikra

The Kosher Kitchen

  • Yosef Sufrin, Dinner Done
  • Rena Klein, Rising!
  • Rebecca Samson, Sababa
  • Yishai Eliefja, Bais Yaakov Cookbook 2
  • Itamar Hakakian, Peas, Love and Carrots
  • Rachel Wolffe, Dinner Done
  • shneor fagan, Dinner Done
  • Jonathan Griner, Dinner Done
  • Soloman Weiss, Fleishig Magazine (1 year subscription)
  • Laura Mita, Peas, Love and Carrots
  • Chani kadosh, Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh
  • Israel Goldshmid, Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh
  • Nissi Eber, Fleishig Magazine (1 year subscription)
  • Chana Ita Tenenbaum, Bais Yaakov Cookbook 2
  • Rachel Mizrahi, More Real Life Kosher cooking

The Leather Collection

  • Disha Sirota , Sefer HaMitzvot - Leather
  • Shari Nussbaum, Kallah Set
  • Rabbi Reuben Israel Abraham, Sefer HaMitzvot - Leather

Best Sellers

  • Yehuda Rodal, Lightpoints
  • Mordechai Fogelman, Lightpoints
  • Chaya Cohen, The Little Midrash Says
  • Miriam Grimberg, The Little Midrash Says
  • Jonathan Lewis, Lightpoints
  • Daniel Gellman, The Little Midrash Says
  • Rebecca Winner, My Story
  • Shulammis Saxon, Positivity Bias
  • Chanie Zwiebel, Likkutei Sichos Set - Bereishis & Shmos
  • 5343 Debbie FINKELSZTEIN, Positivity Bias

All about chinuch

  • Avremel Gurevich, Harmony At Home
  • Rachel Amouyal, The Ami Letters
  • Geulah Natik, Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch
  • Toby perl, Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice
  • menachem minsky, Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch
  • Sima weshedsky, Chinuch B'Ahavah - Klalei Hachinuch Vehahadrachah
  • Pessy Notik, Harmony At Home
  • Nechama Blank, Baby’s First Year: The Jewish Mother’s Guide
  • Tzivi Feldman, Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch
  • Rochie Sandhaus , Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch

New Releases

  • Mendel Shemtov, Sefer Hamitzvos for Kids
  • Dovid Perl, Sefer Hamitzvos for Kids
  • David Margolis, Subbota
  • Chaya Recu, Dinner Done
  • Sruly K, Just Imagine 3
  • Moshe Rubin, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Tzvi Stroh, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Zevy Geisinsky, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Esther Levin, A Chassid, A Businessman
  • Chaya Slodowitz, Seder Tefillos Mikol Hashanah (Siddur Im Dach) 2 Volumes
  • Dabrusha Bruchstat, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Frank Levy, Chidushei Tzemach Tzedek - Likkut Sugyot
  • Chana Davidow, Just Imagine 3
  • chanoch nelken, Derech Mitzvosecha HaMevoar - Likkut
  • Miryam Swird, Dinner Done
  • Binayahu Weinberg, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Levi paul, Subbota
  • itchik orimland, The weekly Haftaros Set (5 Volume Set)
  • Menachem Lison, Subbota
  • Aryeh Fine, Seder Tefillos Mikol Hashanah (Siddur Im Dach) 2 Volumes


  • Avi Giladi

The Seforim Auction

Hey Teves is the Yom Tov of the Seforim.

Now, Or HaChassidus is proud to present you with the opportunity to win thousands of Sifrei Chassidus - The Seforim Auction.

Participate in the Seforim Auction to fill your bookshelves with seforim that you have always wanted and support Or HaChassidus, an organization that is constantly compiling and printing new Sifrei Chassidus to be spread far and wide to diverse audiences around the world.

You win more Seforim - We print more Seforim. It's a Win - Win!

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How does it work?

Select your prize package.

Select which Seforim you would like to win.

Seforim are divided into different categories based on their content.

Each category will have a different number of raffles drawn on:
Monday, 13 of Tevet 5781 | December 28, 5781
The more winners a category has, the higher your chances of winning are!

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Win $2,500 Gift Card at

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Every donation of $50 or more will automatically be entered into a raffle to win this Gift Card.

Treat yourself to a beautiful bookshelf to house your Seforim collection, or another piece of furniture to adorn your home!


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Sichas Hayom shipped to your house


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Otzros Hamegilah shipped to your house


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Darkei Hachaim shipped to your house


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Lightpoints shipped to your house


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