The Seforim Auction

Hey Teves is the Yom Tov of the Seforim.

Now, Or HaChassidus is proud to present you with the opportunity to win thousands of Sifrei Chassidus - The Seforim Auction.

Participate in the Seforim Auction to fill your bookshelves with seforim that you have always wanted and support Or HaChassidus, an organization that is constantly compiling and printing new Sifrei Chassidus to be spread far and wide to diverse audiences around the world.

You win more Seforim - We print more Seforim. It's a Win - Win!

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How does it work?

Select your prize package.

Select which Seforim you would like to win.

Seforim are divided into different categories based on their content.

Each category will have a different number of raffles drawn on:
Monday, 13 of Tevet 5781 | December 28, 5781
The more winners a category has, the higher your chances of winning are!

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Win $2,500 Gift Card at

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Every donation of $50 or more will automatically be entered into a raffle to win this Gift Card.

Treat yourself to a beautiful bookshelf to house your Seforim collection, or another piece of furniture to adorn your home!


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Penina Yomis shipped to your house


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Sichas Hayom shipped to your house


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Otzros Hamegilah shipped to your house


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Darkei Hachaim shipped to your house


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Lightpoints shipped to your house


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